East-West Church of peace

Tranquility. Bumblebees, birdsongs. Silence. An area like an island. Step on it and learn about other standards than where you came from. The master is only a few steps away. He blesses you under a tin roof and aluminium foil. His faithful servant already went ahead. To a place that may resemble this island.

Sing a song for the living and the dead. Light a candle and forget your fear. Smell the herbs and water the flowerbed. Look at the ones who stepped on the meadow before you. This is a place of quiet resistance, of artisanship without rules. Not everybody can become a hermit, but everybody can learn to forget the speed of life and start to search. Pain can be extremely colourful and sorrow may be naive. Leave behind what bends you. Come and greet eternity. Timofei Wassiljewitsch Prochorow started to build in 1952 what is today a museum and memorial. The material was found, the architect needed no permission to follow his plan. Humanity was more important than Olympic areas. Natacha passed away and left a symbolic grave. Timofei left earth in 2004.

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